Craftier than a fox!

Craftier than a fox!

Established in 1887, the Society of Designer Craftsmen evolved out the Arts and Craft Movement in Britain, which is recognised to this day as “the most influential, profound and far-reaching design movements of modern times”.  I was lucky enough to be invited to the private viewing of their latest exhibition, ‘Designer Crafts at the Mall 2014’ and it was on this cold and dark January evening, that I wondered what work would stand out the most…

Upon arrival, I made a beeline towards the ceramics, mixed media and furniture. However, the exhibition also showcases jewellery, glass and metal. It was amazing to see that the work on display wasn’t just by established designers but also from graduates that were already creating work of the highest quality.

I fell in love with Janie Graham’s mixed media pieces (below) which created a new purpose for discarded books. In being re-purposed, the books regained their initial value and created an alternative way of how they can be ‘read’.

In contrast, the simplicity of Norman Yap’s ceramic bowls and vases also stood out in their raw stoneware form. Other pieces by the ceramicist featured blue-green glazes which, on their shared plinth, helped compliment the other works.

The exhibition runs until Sunday, 19th January – so get down there quick!