Let the games begin!

Let the games begin!

Yes, you guessed it, this Friday sees the launch of the very first and, depending on casualties, possibly the last ‘R Design Olympics’ – sponsored by POM Bears.

As you may know, we’re an agency that likes to think outside the box. So instead of sticking with classic events like the hundred metre dash, the long jump and (ahem) dressage, we have opted for grittier, adrenaline fuelled challenges that will no doubt have the crowd begging for more.

Following multiple committee meetings and much waving of Union Jack flags, we have narrowed the program down to a 5-a-side game of rounders, wheelbarrow, space hopper and egg racing, a sack race and something, rather ominously, called ‘tunnel’(?).

Sadly, due to “health and safety” regulations, we had to omit personal favourites such as the javelin, archery and fencing but we’re confident that the schedule will provide the fans with more than a fair share of thrills and spills.

As Lord Coe would agree, you can’t stage a high profile event without the appropriate branding – even if his logo for 2012 was, perhaps, a little off the mark. So from t-shirts to posters, we asked the team to come up with some options for the big day and one was chosen by our expert judging panel.

The games are taking place at Hampstead Heath from 5pm and tickets can be purchased from most online ticketing sites. There should also be a few available on the door if you fancy heading down!

Have a great friday & weekend!