R Design Olympics

R Design Olympics

The competitors were divided into two teams led by our trusty senior designers, Chris’ Team A (man in white t-shirt with alarmingly short shorts) and Scott’s Team B (man laughing like Bond villain). With so much at stake the contest needed a strict but fair referee, so who better to appoint than our founder and creative director, Dave Richmond!

Team A – Chris, Emily, Alison, Alex, Lisa

Team B – Scott, Gemma, Richard, Lucy, Becki

Referee – Dave

The first event saw the team compete in the ancient sport of space hopper racing. Scott took full advantage of Chris’ inability to stay on his trusty orange steed and took his team into a 1-0 lead.

Next up was the three-legged race. Rhythm is key for this event and it was Team Chris that managed to hop, skip and jump their way level at 1-1.

The sack race saw some rather unorthodox styles, noticeably Chris’ pencil jump approach. It pays off as his side nudge ahead 2-1.

The wheelbarrow race saw further dominance from Chris and his troop of athletes and the score moves to 3-1. Further victories for team A in both the tunnel race and obstacle course leaves Scott’s side in danger of humiliation. However, a much needed result in the egg and spoon race leaves the score at 5-2 going into the final event.

Scott needed to win by 3 rounders to tie the contest, a tall ask for his battle weary warriors. However, Team B had been saving their best till last. In a comeback reminiscent of Liverpool vs AC Milan or Taylor vs Davis, Scott’s side managed to unleash their eye of the tiger and win by 3 rounders! The games were tied at 5-5!!


There had to be a winner on the day and it was decided Chris’ team were the worthy victors having won more events on the day.

The two team captains and referee collect their R Design branded t-shirts.

What better way to celebrate a fantastic afternoon of blood, sweat and tears than a refreshing trip to the pub. A huge well done to all our brave competitors on the day!