The Start of a Start-Up Brand

The Start of a Start-Up Brand

Firstly, I have always admired those people who take a leap and start a brand. It’s quite a journey and one, that is often filled with foreseen and unforeseen challenges. It requires a leap of faith, great belief and above all money to risk….and it is a risk.

Over the years we have had numerous start-up brands come to us. Some have a great deal of knowledge on how to launch a brand, while others have a dream. As long as it’s not a pipe dream, I’m always keen to listen.

Start up, challenger brands – or whatever you like to call them – are the retail drivers that shape the future, they are the brand astronauts sent out into the deep retail space to explore if there’s a consumer need or a change in shopper behaviour.

Like all journeys, even if it’s to the corner shop, it requires planning.

Planning is what many agencies call strategy, and it is crucial.

I think the different names of strategies used by other agencies can be confusing and can over complicate things, but I believe in short – it just means a master plan.

And all start-ups need one.

For simplicity I’ll deal with the two I think are the most important and the reasons why –

1) your business strategy and 2) the creative strategy.

Its critical we understand your business strategy as this informs the creative strategy. We can’t design anything if we don’t know who your brand is for, what it does, how it does it, where you think the opportunity is and who is your competition…. to name just a few things we have to think about before we sharpen our pencils and arrive at the creative solution and in turn the creative strategy. And yes, you read it right, we do still draw our ideas!

And these Ideas form the creative strategy of how the brand looks and behaves to achieve the business strategy and its objectives. The two are connected. They should be equally as strong and they should work together. Your brand needs to have longevity & scalability. It needs to work – on pack, in-store, on-line, on social media, above and below the line – an overall creative strategy, that translates across all consumer touchpoints cohesively.

The truth is, although design is not an exact science, there is informed business thinking and over 30 years working with numerous retailers behind our creative solutions.

All brands need now, more than ever, is to be designed strategically but with a creative process that doesn’t hinder the solution. All plans are well intended but not all are well executed.

And that’s just the start….

Next month: Meeting is Believing